How to sign up?

You can sign up through our website and become our member.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, no for the moment. We are currently only serving members within the Klang Valley area and will update you when we expand!

Can you help me with selecting a suitable bag for my event?

We are more than happy to help should there be a personal request from you during the non-peak period. But don’t fret – you can always refer to the section on ‘XQST Says’ for more tips on what bag suits your event best.

Does XQST charge tax on rentals?

Nope. There is no sales tax charged on your rental.

Can I make payment on an instalment basis?

Instalment payments are currently not available.

Can I exchange my rented bag with another if I find the bag unsuitable?

As there might be high volume of rental at any one time, we will only be able to entertain exchanges provided that the bag you receive does not conform to its description / is not of an acceptable quality / is not reasonably fit for its purpose. Trust your selection and rent with no regrets!

Why do some bags have a different rental price through they are of the same model?

Due to popular demand, XQST occasionally carry identical bags and these bags are from different time stamp.

Is a signature required at the point of receipt of the bag?

To avoid having it fall into the wrong hands, it is our policy for our members to sign off on the delivery note upon receipt of the bag. If you are not available and would like to assign someone trustworthy to collect on your behalf, you’ll be required to give us at least one (1) business day’s notice by providing us with the assigned person’s particulars (i.e. full name per NRIC and telephone number).

Can I cancel my order and when am I allowed to do so?

You may only cancel your order within 30 minutes after the order has been placed and upon your receipt of our confirmation email.

Are there any shipping charges?

Currently we are offering free shipping for all orders made with XQST! Grab your favourite piece and repeat as many times as you want to!

Do you have a physical store for me to view the bags before I rent?

We do have a physical store but it is not currently open to the public for the moment.

How do I return the bag to XQST after use?

You may deliver it to our designated location or we can arrange for pick up from you as long as your location is within Klang Valley.

Do I need to clean the bag before I return to XQST?

No – leave the hassle to us and we will take care of that.