All orders and items are checked before delivery. Our team will take up to 10 photos of the condition of the rented bag and will send you the images vide email and/or WhatsApp prior to its departure to you. Upon delivery of the bag, you will be required to sign on a delivery note with the pictures attached confirming the receipt of the rented bag on its ‘as is where is’ state. In an unfortunate case where you receive the rented bag in a condition different from the photos which you have received, please contact us immediately. 


Return your Selection

We do not hope to see you regret your selection. We encourage that you carefully select the preferred bag and when you receive it, you don’t waste a single moment doubting your selection! Nonetheless, please check and inspect your bag upon delivery. In the unlikely event where your rented bag does not conform to its description or is not of an acceptable quality or it is not reasonably fit for its purpose, you shall hand it over and return to our friendly delivery team on the spot and we will have your money refunded to you within the next 7 to 21 business days subject always to our T&Cs.   


Return your Rental

In the delivery pack for the bag, you will find a XQST dust bag where you are to return the rented bag in its original condition per the delivery note, in the XQST dust bag. Upon expiration of the rental period, you are required to return the bag on the next day before 12pm to our collection point and only if requested for collection at a charge of RM30.00, our team will be in touch to collect from you the bag. If there is any delay in the return of the bag without prior notice to us, XQST reserves the right to exercise its rights under our T&Cs.